Sunday, August 17, 2014

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   Hello fellow bloggers! I'm on a few different things that i'd like you to     see! Ok, lets get goin' to the news! So i've just started my blog and i need a few tips. You got any for me? Post some ideas for me in the comments. So on my Google + page, you can see that I only have 5 hard earned followers... I made this to get more. So please follow me on that! By the way, I got my 10,000 views mark! I was so happy! I could just cry! On my Google + page, you can see i'm a HUGE fan of Adventure Time. Thats where I get most of my followers. All 5... OH WELL! DON'T JUDGE ME BY MY FOLLOWERS!

So ill be doing daily blogs, but if i don't then i'm either grounded, or i'm too lazy. So see you tomorrow!


So, as you all know who he is, HIS NAME IS PEWDIEPIE! So you think in your head, well damn. no shit he would do PewDiePie first. Well you don't know the reason I did PewDiePie first. I did him first because he inspired me to make my youtube videos. And he is like my idol. So back the hell off and Don't be a dick. Thats what my dad said to me n.n Heh heh!

NEXT UP... *DRUMROLL* TheRadBrad!! He also inspired me to make my blog based off of gaming! He also is awesome! Check em' out! He jump scared me a lot! He is a very funny guy and he also is my idol to my YouTube channel. 



  1. Well i'm the first one who comment here...)))

  2. Well congrats... i posted it today. thats why.